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Lubrizol additive is a leading global supplier of a chemical additive technology, its products include engine oil, liquid transmission system of vehicles and other transport vehicles with additives, industrial lubricating oil and gasoline and diesel additive.

The world's leading manufacturer of Lubrizol advanced materials, advanced specialty polymers, polymer additives and chemical additives, its products are widely used in daily consumer goods and industrial markets.

oil Lubrizol solution will be the traditional solution of Lubrizol specialty products company experience and strength to provide customers with Lubrizol oil and the recent acquisition of International Weatherford from the two leading oilfield chemicals and technology business combination.

LUBRIZOL TPU Estane S395A 聚酯 Shore 95A 高透明、常用于鞋材
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 5715 油墨、涂料、胶黏剂用 聚酯 Shore 54D
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 5703 油墨、涂料、胶黏剂、热熔胶用 聚酯 Shore 66A
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58219 聚醚 Shore 92A 应用:通讯线缆、管材型材、注塑、薄膜片材
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58315 聚醚 Shore 85A 应用:通讯线缆、管材型材、注塑、表带
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58125 聚醚 Shore 86A 应用:通讯线缆、注塑、表带
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58212 聚醚 Shore 94A 应用:通讯线缆、管材型材、注塑
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58300 聚醚 Shore 83A 应用:通讯线缆、管材型材、注塑
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 59300 聚酯 Shore 72D 30%GF增强,主要用于线缆连接器,运动器材
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 59600 聚酯 Shore 75D 60%GF增强,主要用于线缆连接器,运动器材
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58202 聚醚 Shore 85A 应用:通讯线缆、注塑、薄膜片材等
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 58887 聚醚 Shore 87A 应用:通讯线缆、管材型材、注塑、表带
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane S185A 聚酯 Shore 85A 应用:注塑包胶、表带、电子产品护套等
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane S190A 聚酯 Shore 90A 应用:注塑包胶、表带、电子产品护套等
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane 5778 油墨涂料胶黏剂用 聚酯 Shore 63D
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane ZHF 90AB3 聚酯 Shore 85A UL94无卤阻燃V0 应用:工业线缆、线缆连接器
LUBRIZOL TPU Estane ALR CL87A-V 脂肪族、耐黄变 Shore 87A 保护膜、LED等导光条
LUBRIZOL TPU Pearlthane 91T85 脂肪族、高透明,耐黄变 Shore 85A 常用于运动手表表带
LUBRIZOL TPU Pearlthane 11T60D 芳香族 Shore 60D 可替代原陶氏TPU 2012-55D
LUBRIZOL TPU Isoplast 302EZ 高透明,耐油、耐高低温

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