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Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) is the world's leading producer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metal products. In the fields of polyethylene, polypropylene and other high - end thermoplastic products, ethylene glycol, methanol and chemical fertilizer are all in the leading position in the world.

Including the SABIC business department: basic chemical department, performance chemicals department, plastic department, Department of polymer, chemical and metal product innovation department, business throughout the world more than 45 countries, with 40 thousand employees and a manufacturing base in Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Europe and Asia pacific. SABIC scientific research resources, a total of 19 global technology and innovation center, located in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Holland, Spain, Japan, India, China and South korea.

SABIC PBT Valox 420 30% 玻纤填充非阻燃通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 325 非填充非阻燃通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 337 非填充非阻燃、 低温抗冲击强度改性
SABIC PBT Valox 364 非填充阻燃、PBT+PC材料
SABIC PBT Valox 365 非填充阻燃、抗冲击改性、 耐化学腐蚀性和尺寸稳定性
SABIC PBT Valox 357(M)(XM)(P)(XP) 非填充、抗冲击改性、阻燃、 流动性与脱模性极佳
SABIC PBT Valox 357U、357XU 非填充PBT/PC、抗冲击强度改性、 阻燃级别、UV 稳定性
SABIC PBT Valox 3607U 阻燃、UV 稳定性及非凡的耐候性
SABIC PBT Valox 3706 非填充 PBT/PC 阻燃材料、 抗冲击强度改性、耐候性、阻燃性
SABIC PBT Valox 310SE0 20% 玻纤填充非阻燃通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 420SE0 30% 玻纤填充阻燃式通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 310 非填充阻燃式通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 4521、4521B 20% 玻纤填充阻燃级别, 具备增强的流动性
SABIC PBT Valox VX4930 30% 玻纤填充核化 PBT/ASA 材料, 具有卓越的机械性能、 尺寸稳定性和耐候性
SABIC PBT Valox 457 7% 玻纤填充阻燃式通用级别
SABIC PBT Valox 467 30% 玻纤填充、PBT/PC材料、阻燃,、 抗冲击强度改性
SABIC PBT Valox 553 30% 玻纤填充 PBT/PC 合金材料, 具有极佳的尺寸稳定性和阻燃性,
SABIC PBT Valox 735 40% 玻纤/矿物填充 PBT/PET、 抗冲击强度改性
SABIC PBT Valox 771 30% 玻纤/矿物填充阻燃级别,
SABIC PBT Valox 732E 30% 玻纤/矿物填充材料, 具有极佳的热稳定性、 低翘曲和增强的流动性

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