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SABIC in Chinese Chinaplas, announced the launch of the latest SABIC® PC resin
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SABIC independent production of raw materials required for the PC, can effectively control the cost and quality, so the production of SABIC® PC's price has a competitive advantage, to reduce costs for customers.

plus a former U.S. General Company (GE) for decades PC production management experience, to ensure that the production of PC quality is stable, the market is absolutely the most ideal PC material.

new transparent PC resin is located in the city of Saudi Arabia's Kayan Jubail petrochemical plant production, PC annual output of up to two hundred and sixty thousand tons, can meet the rapid growth of the Asian market, as well as the Middle East and the European market demand. With SABIC® PC new series, SABIC and will work together to provide customers with a wider range of PC resin products, to help customers grow and steadily.

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